Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths

From: All Saints
East Meon marriages in grooms' names, alphabetical order.
East Meon marriages in grooms' names, alphabetical order.

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  • Good afternoon

    First and foremost I would like to congratulate you on your excellent site and wealth of information, in particular but not exclusively the various databases in respect of Birth (Baptism), Marriage and Deaths (Burials). The information therein has been essential to my family research, in particular the descendants of Lilian Emily Rutter (my Great Grandmother) – thus Emily Harriett Rutter, George Rutter (and wife Emily Norgate), George Rutter (and wife Harriett Gregory), George Rutter (and wife Elizabeth Smith) (George clearly a popular name for the male descendents) and of course the parents etc. of the respective wives of the Rutter’s.

    I would like to make a small donation to your group. I cannot promise a huge sum, but if everybody researching their family contributed the same it would add up, by way of thanking all those involved for taking so much time and effort to illustrate the history of East Meon. Can I send you a small cheque and if so to where and to whom should I make it payable.

    Thank you again, with kind regards

    Mr Stephen Durbridge
    Isle of Wight.

    By Stephen Durbridge (07/02/2021)
  • This website has ben invaluable for my research into my family history. many of the names others have mentioned are related to my family. Thank You for the hard work that has obviously gone into this.

    By Phillip Blackman (18/01/2020)
  • Excellent resource. I would like to know what the sources used are [PR1, PR2 etc]. Is there an annotation some where?

    Thank you

    By Paul (21/11/2019)
  • I wonder how many of us whose families originated in East Meon have a DNA connection

    By Fred Steele (24/01/2019)
  • can anyone help with the name of the hill Henwood Downs, I am researching the surname of Henwood in Hampshire and would be interested to know how long the name of Henwood Downs has been associated with the Hill.

    By Val Henwood (11/08/2018)
  • Wow – incredible resource. Using this to research my Gregory and Blackman ancestry in the area. Thanks for compiling all the information in easy-to-search format.

    By Kate Mitchell (14/06/2018)
  • These spreadsheets are an invaluable aid to those of us seeking our ancestors in East Meon. Thank you to all those involved in making this resource available!

    By Adrian Martin (28/05/2017)
  • This is a great site which i use again and again.
    Thankyou for gathering the information.
    I have used this to research Pollard, Henty and Blackman. I have also visited the very pretty village of East Meon.

    By Sue and Karen (16/05/2017)
  • These records are fantastic- thankyou for taking the time to compile. I’ve been able to piece together my Ford and Wilkes family history in East Meon. To see my findings google Robynandthegenies blog and look for Harriett’s story (Harriett Ford m William Wilkes) George Ford/ Wilkes and the Three Brother- three different lives story . All three stories published 6/4/2014.

    By Robyn Ford (31/01/2016)
  • Fantastic resource, thank you very much for all the excellent information on the website, the records, pictures and village history are brilliant. I am currently researching an article for my family history blog on Titheridge family history, particularly the family of William Titheridge (1805 -1866) and Elizabeth Lee (1806 – 1880) who lived in East Meon and had 15 children between 1827 and 1854. Thank you

    By Ann Titheradge (26/01/2016)
  • Many thanks,
    Rev Louden, for helping me to understand my roots at East Meon and (earlier) Medstead. The spreadsheets are invaluable. I visited your wonderful Church some years ago, and at that time felt affinity – but did not know the extent of my family’s life in East Meon

    By Don Wilkes (17/01/2016)
  • Thank you for all the hard work, great site

    By Nuala (18/10/2015)
  • A fabulous record – easy to use and a great help

    By Trevor New (25/03/2015)
  • Brilliant – Thank you! Helped answer some queries I had and now I have some more to research…!

    By Maggie Gaston (01/02/2015)

    By MICHAEL WILD (23/01/2015)

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