Summary of records concerning East Meon primary schools, held at Hampshire Records Office

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  • Graham I remember the opening of the swimming pool I think it’s me in the picture too but I need to check with my mum. I got very excited at the mention of the hovercraft we were SO proud of it. Were we not on the television too ? Day by Day something like that. I’d also love to see some photos of that. I have very happy memories of my time at East Meon School and of the lovely headmaster Mr Lewis. Happy days

    By Mary Wood (21/07/2020)
  • I remember the opening of the swimming pool, in fact I am in the picture, the celebrity who opened it was from a popular soap at the time I think it may have been called “The Newcomers” but I could be wrong. I also remember that in around 1968-1969 class 3 which were the seniors built a hovercraft which we used to bring in the school milk, the Petersfield post came and took pictures and there was quite a spread in the newspaper as I remember. I have tried to track down those pictures but have failed it would be great to see them again. I can’t remember the teachers name but he was new to the school at the time. What I do remember was he was a very engaging chap , he used to read to the class for 15 minutes or so before lunch and I was enthralled by one of the books he read which as about some children living on a house boat.

    By Graham Street (01/12/2015)

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