Flint Cottage

Court Roll with Court Baron, 27th Oct 1891 - to Jpseph Eames upon surrender by Jane Pink.
1903 Copyhold, George Eames from Joseph Eames.
1909, Admittance of William Luff, of George Inn, of two tenements and gardens in the occupation of Mary Chivers, on the surrender of George Eames.
1929, Admittance of Ida Files, record of testament of William Luff, leaving house to his niece Ida Files.
1936 Deed, between the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and Mrs Ida Files (wife of William Files, granting mineral rights.

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  • Margaret Perry emailed on March 26th:

    I think I’ve cracked it. Although it’s very difficult to read as it’s so faded, the ‘testament’ gives the cottage to my Grandmother Ida Files but unless I am reading it incorrectly, not by William Luff but by his wife Emily. I think it says ‘her’ not ‘his’. Emily Miles was born on August 12th 1856 at Allington, a hamlet just north of Chippenham. On the 1911 census she says her birth place was Coombe. Allington and Boscombe are more or less combined and that is probably what she meant. She was fibbing hugely about her age though. I see on the E.M.parish records that William was buried in August 1920 in a double grave (131) and Emily in March 1921.

    Emily Miles was born two years after Sarah Miles, my Grandmother’s mother, so Ida would be Emily’s niece. Sarah was the woman who debunked to the USA with another man and whom my grandmother went to stay with in 1919. No wonder she came back if she had been left a property. She obviously asked her father Francis Hillier to join her from Bath as he was now quite alone.
    Emily is on the 1861 census and in Bath in 1871, after that she disappears and I can find no record of a marriage to William Luff anywhere,

    I think the ‘testament’ mentions a Will. If it’s still extant it’s not in the Hampshire Record Office or the National Archives which is a pity. I wonder where it is. Is the piece just before the ‘testament’ dated January 1909 attached to it or not?, there is no date on the testament itself that I can see.

    By mblakstad (26/03/2015)

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